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Otto M RheinschmiedtDream-Innovation-Uk  Group Analysis, Staff Relations & The Study of Dreams in Bath & Wiltshire

The Convivium for the Study of Dreams

My therapeutic work with dreams started thirty-four years ago. Which also took me into running ongoing dream seminars to counsellors, psychotherapists, and group analysts in training.


I've run ongoing seminars and weekend workshops on dreams at the University of Bath, department of continuing education. I appeared on a BBC Radio programme in Bristol, being interviewed about matters of the dream. Currently I'm completing a book on dreams,'The Fictions of Dreams', to be published by Karnac in 2016.  


The study of dreams is of great interest to me. I'm connected with colleagues from the US who belong to the 'International Association for the Study of Dreams' (IASD) which is a multidisciplinary organization and assembly of practitioners and researchers.


The IASD and Universities in the States, unlike UK universities, offer courses in 'The Study of Dreams', on MA and PHD levels, with a wide range of research subjects. Not to mention the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) in Berlin which has modules on dream interpretation.

I've studied psychological astrology Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499)

'Convivium' is a term coined by Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino. Convivium means 'feasting together'. In his case it meant that he hosted in his Florentine academy, under the patronage of Cosimo de Medici, the leading European thinkers at the time with the purpose of furthering the study of neo-Platonism. Feasting on food, wine, and ideas. 

Dream Study Group in Bath


It is my intention to set up a group of researchers and clinicians from different backgrounds who have a keen interest in the study of dreams. Such as sleep research, ethnological studies, the study of dreams and historical consciousness, the study of the history of dream cultures, dreams and fiction writing, dreams and scientific progress and innovation, dreams and chaos theory, dreams and quantum physics, psychoanalysis, Jungian psychology, etc.


It is the aim of the study group: 

1. To have a multidisciplinary approach to research, 

2. To be connected with a research department of a university,

3. To set up a university course in 'The Study of Dreams',

4. To attract funding for research projects on dreams,

5. To be engaged in community projects with the intention of developing a dream culture. 

The Globe Theatre

Study Days on Dream Analysis


Topics covered (chapters from 'The Fictions of Dreams'):

1. Dreams and the Universal Design of Creation

2. The Fictions of Dreams

3. Dreams and the Primary Human Drives

4. Dreams,  Literature, and Fiction Writing

5. The Father of Modern Dream Analysis

6. Sleep Research

7. A Brief History of Dream Consciousness

8. The Ancient Deities of Dreams

9. Dreams and Historical Consciousness

10. Social Dreaming

11. Dreams and the Recovery from Traumatization 

12. The Culture of Dreams

Corpus Christi Oxford


Association for the Study of Dreams:

International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) Berlin: 

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