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Otto M RheinschmiedtDream-Innovation-Uk  Group Analysis, Staff Relations & The Study of Dreams in Bath & Wiltshire

Workshops in Dream Interpretation

Weekend workshop in dream interpretation coming up

in Bath on 30/31 January 2016.

And another one in Bath post-Easter on 16/17 April 2016.

And great news: I will run my first dreams workshop in

Oxford on 19/20 March 2016.  

This two day workshop  will be for a group of ten participants maximum. It will consist of four seminars of 0ne and a half hours duration, and ample breaks in between. 


Each session will include a teaching element and, most importantly, hands-on dream interpretation in the group setting. So bring your own dreams, or dreams of clients, or family members.


The workshop is suitable for anybody with either a private or professional interest in dreams.


The group interpretations will be made in the spirit of mutual respect and appreciation of the dreamer's privacy and sensitivity.


My workshops are great fun as I love teaching and enabling a non-threatening learning environment. The interpretation of dreams, by the end of the day, is an art form, an art form which can be learned.


The workshops are designed for the enjoyment of  learning together, to share in a friendly environment, to help participants to overcome their uncertainties in understanding dreams, and, most important of all, to gain a sense of the sheer beauty of dreams. And where there is a learning community with a shared task of self-reflection, there will be a lot of laughter, excitement, and the serenity and stillness of insight. 


Course topics covered:


(chapters from 'The Fictions of Dreams'):


1. Dreams and the Universal Design of Creation

2. The Fictions of Dreams

3. Dreams and the Primary Human Drives

4. Dreams, Literature, and Creative Writing

5. The Father of Modern Dream Analysis

6. Sleep Research

7. A Brief History of Dream Consciousness

8. The Ancient Deities of Dreams

9. Dreams and Historical Consciousness

10. Social Dreaming

11. Dreams and the Recovery from Traumatization 

12. The Culture of Dreams

Venue: The Practice Rooms, 26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RH


Duration: Saturday, 10.00-5.00, Sunday, 10.00-4.00


Fees: £150 

Otto M Rheinschmiedt






Group Analysis,

Staff Relations &

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